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the architect of your smile



The concept of the clinic is based on the accuracy of diagnostic tests, teamwork and a comprehensive approach to the treatment process, achieving high-level functional and aesthetic results.

Our goal is to "identify the cause, not treat the effect."


Care and individual approach to each client

Our doctors will provide answers to all your questions and develop a personalised diagnosis and treatment programme that suits your health status and desires

an experienced team of doctors

Most of the specialists have received and continue to improve their knowledge at the best speciality school - the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSid). 5 to 20 years of experience



From prevention and treatment of dental caries to complex surgical interventions and treatment of masticatory disorders


Gamma electron condylograph, Leica microscopes, 3-Shape intraoral scanner, Sirona digital X-ray, orthopantomogram, telegennography (lateral projection of the skull), local (sighting) X-ray



Initial consultation

Children's appointment without pain

Aesthetic composite restorations

Endodontic treatment under a microscope

Professional hygiene under a microscope

Treatment of periodontitis

Ceramic restorations


Orthodontic interdisciplinary treatment


Digital implantation

Anesthetic support

Treatment in a dream


We are a well-coordinated team of real professionals. Each of us loves our work and puts our heart into it. And together we achieve the best results!

Detailed diagnostics allows predicting the exact outcome of the treatment



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Natalya Gennadievna Savchuk

Thank you to the staff of the clinic for their careful and attentive attitude! Doctors of the highest category! It is always a pleasure to come to the clinic. We serve the whole family. Special thanks for the patience of the children's dentist. I would like to wish for more activities for children to learn in the form of games.

Satisfied dentist patient showing her perfect smile after treatment in a clinic box with medical equipment in the background


In my life there was a moment of despair and hopeless situation, a moment when your consciousness tells you that there are no doors that you can open and you will be helped, there is no specialist who will cope with the problem (as "specialists" have brought already to a critical point, for me it was already a point of no return), and I was left alone with the Almighty, and with a request to show me the way to the doctor who will help me🙏🙏🙏🙏.... God led me to "Clovadent". Andrey Yaroslavovich, Ivanna Ostapovna, Roman, the admin girls, the nurses girls, the whole staff, I thank you for your work, I thank you, Andrey Yaroslavovich, for bringing me back to society after a long imprisonment, I thank you for accepting me with my problem and we are coping with God's help. I thank you and I believe you. Please take care of yourself, I have been looking for you for a very long time. With love and gratitude, your Edita

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Kadetsky Andrey Alexandrovich

I came to Clovadent with this problem. Eight years ago, after a boxing injury, I started to have a "crunching" (popping) of the joint on my right side when opening my mouth wide. This has been getting worse over time. I was told by other doctors that if there is soft tissue damage, there is no fixing it. If anything, the joints don't regenerate, nothing can be done. In general, everything before Clovadent is a waste of time or lack of any guarantees (certainty of success). It's like let us try to help you ...

And when I had my bite corrected in Clovadent, the crunch disappeared.

In general, I am very grateful to Andrey and Yaroslav for the work done.

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Kaut Olesya and Kaut Alexey

From our family we express our gratitude to Klovadent Clinic for the high quality and professionalism of services provided there. We would like to note the special, heartfelt atmosphere of the clinic, the sincere interest of each specialist and all the staff in the recovery and comfort of the client. The administration of the clinic, in particular Lilia and Elena, thank you for the warmth and care. Special thanks to Klevants Andrey Yaroslavovich, Ostrovsky Yaroslav Vladimirovich, Baranovskaya Natalia Valerievna. We wish Klovadent Clinic inspiration, prosperity and achievement of even greater heights. We want to trust you and that is why we choose you

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Boguslavskaya Irina

Only after checking on myself and my family, I can confidently recommend the Clovadent Clinic! I had the opportunity to visit orthodontist, surgeon, therapist. Very high level of service and treatment of patients. Doctors are masters of their craft, who can do anything! Thank you for having such a clinic in our city!


Training centre for dentists

Protocols for diagnosing and conducting interdisciplinary appointments in dentistry


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