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Klevovets Andrew
Klovanets Andriy
Head Doctor and founder of Klovadent, VieSID (Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry)
Over 20 years

Professional specialisation: prosthodontist, oral surgery, implantology, diagnostics and treatment of joint problems of the masticatory organ

Hobbies: squash, indoor soccer, cars, mountain skiing, swimming
Motto: Use your brain
Favourite books: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic by Leonard Berry and Kent Seltman



In 1998 - Graduated from Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
Since  2006 and currently studying at the Department of Postgraduate Education «VieSID». 


From 2000 to 2002 worked in the : Prosthodontic Department of Lviv Regional Dental Clinic and part-time at a private dental clinic in Lviv.
From 2002 to 2012 worked as a Head Doctor and prosthodontist at the "Porcelain" clinic in Kiev.
Since December 2014 – Head Doctor and founder of Klovadent Dental Diagnostic Center.


2001 - specialized courses in General dentistry, Surgical dentistry,  Prosthodontic dentistry.
2007 - 2009 - took a fundamental primary Basic course of Advanced education at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID), by Prof.  Rudolf Slavicek.
2010-2013: received a Master of Science degree, by taking part in a therapeutic training course Applied Rehabilitation: Function & Esthetics; Completed with honours a Therapy course organized by VieSID.
2014 -2016: attended a course Master of Science in Prosthetics at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID).
2017-2018: attended an exclusive course Controlled mandibular positioning by Dr. Alain Landry.

2017-2018 New Therapy course Continuum Vienna 
2017-Faculty member of VieSID
2018-2019 Dental Technician course
2018-2019 Clinical course of prof. Sadao Sato Kyiv
2019- Teacher of Viesid
2019 - master thesis defense for obtaining the academic degree of Master of Science in Dental Science (MSc) in Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

Directions of treatment
Diagnostics and treatment of joint problems of the masticatory organ
Dental surgery

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