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Братусь Роман
Bratus Roman
Dental surgeon, School VieSID (Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry)
6 years

Professional specialisation: Dental surgery
Motto: Accuracy. Protocol. Success
Hobbies: Travel around Europe, photography



In 2012 Graduated from Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
2012-2014: took an internship at MM Centre of Dental Implants and Prosthetics. For two years, surgeon-periodontist Shtuka Orest Mikhaylovich acted as his tutor and mentor.


Since 2014 works at Klovadent.


2011: participated in the 5th East European Congress on Dental Implantation Issues.
2012: took part in a lecture "Modern technologies of treatment and prophylaxis in practical dentistry" during the Medvin dental forum and exhibition.
2013: attended a theoretical workshop "Next generation of osteoplastic materials, cellular therapy and periodontal disease." Particular features of planning implant prosthetics for patients under general anesthesia.
2013: participated in the 6th East European Congress on Dental Implantation Issues.
2013: attended a practical course "Achieving excellent functional and aesthetic results with NobelActive implant".
2013: participated in the 1st Polish-Ukrainian Dental Congress “Wspolczesna stomatologia zintegrowana.”
2015: participated in the 1st International Symposium of Digital Dentistry in Ukraine.
2016: participated in the 1st Congress of Ukrainian Academy of Periodontics.
2017: participated in the course "Surgical periodontics: deep immersion." Carlo Ghezzi.
2017: participated in the seminar "Review of the digital solutions from the 3shape."
2017: participated in a course “Traicing Slavichek, Sato. Deciphering the lateral projection of the skull ".
2017: participated in the course "Open sinus lift" by Tiziano Testori.

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