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Serebryakov Petro
endodontics, therapeutic, prosthodontic dentistry. ,VieSID (Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry)
13 years

Professional specialisation: Endodontics, restorative dentistry.
Hobbies: karting, paintball, skiing, football, basketball, dancing.
Motto: Do your work as you wish it was done for you.
Favourite books: Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Erast Fandorin series by Boris Akunin.



In 2007 graduated from Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorkyi.
In 2009 received a certificate in "Restorative Dentistry" from P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.


Since 2015 works at Klovadent. Practises modern techniques of root canal filling with the assistance of a dental microscope.  Works with modern photopolymer composite materials.

2008: Mastering Excellence in Endodontics, lecturer: Dr. Julian Webber.
2008: Modern concepts of dentistry. Three components of clinical success: Restoration. Whitening. Endodontics. Lecturer: Jörg Weiler.
2009: Modern microprosthetics at Fenestra Dental Educational Center.
2011: Practical endodontic course on working with Kaps dental microscope. Lecturer: Yuriy Malik, Germany.
2011: the 9th International Conference on New Technologies in Endodontics.
2011: Endodontics by the book. The Art of Instrumentation, workshop at Belograd education club.
2012: Special issues in endodontics. Lecturer: Oleg Kulygin.
2013: From endodontics to restoration. The concept of minimal invasion. Lecturer: Maxim Belograd.
2013: Evidence-based endodontics. Dispelling the myths. Lecturers: T.M. Gorodetskiy, A.N. Volokitin.
2014: Introduction to Gnathology. Lecturer: S. A. Chikunov
2014, 2015 and 2016: The Ukrainian Endodontic Association's Endodontic Conference.
2015: Lecture-workshop on micro surgical endodontics. Lecturer: Andrey Polovinschikov.
2016: Full ceramic restorations. Lecturer: Yuri Gundyak.
2017: Dental Congress in Yaremche.
2017: Endodontic Conference: International Dental Forum and Showcase at MEDVIN, Kiev.
2017: Endoperio Conference, DEC Education Centre, Vinnitsia.
2017: New SKIN. Degital protocoles of rehabilitation. Lecturer: Paulo Kano.
2018 - «endodontic symposium», International dental exhibition MEDVIN, Kyiv.
2018 - lecture of Domenico Ricucci, Kishenev, Moldova.
2018 - 8th congress of endodontic community, Kyiv.
2018 - participant of the course "The benefits of Interdisciplinary dentistry"
2018 - II student’s conference, Yaremche (as a lecturer). 
2019 - dental photography course, I. Solomiichuk, Kyiv. 
2019 - participant of the First International VieSID congress «Interdisciplinary concepts in occlusion medicine».
2019 - lecture of M. Solomonov, Kyiv.
2019 - basic course VieSID, Vienna, Austria.
2019 - 9th congress of endodontic community, Kyiv.
2019 р. - conference «All over endo 2», Kyiv. 
2020 р. - lecturer of educational centre DentUp, Kyiv. «Basics of successful endodontics. Step-by-step algorithm of primary endodontics», Kyiv.
2020 – Digital protocol in dental practice. 2D and 3D tools (D.Kostyrya).

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