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Островський Ярослав
Ostrovskyi Yaroslav
Prosthodontist, therapist, School VieSID (Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry)
5 years

Professional specialisation: Prosthodontics, endodontics, restorative dentistry.
MOTTO: Responsibility for one's words and actions, the highest possible self-development at every stage.
HOBBIES: Poker, Boxing
FAVORITE BOOKS: The Rajneesh Bible by Osho, Mastery by Robert Greene



In 2013 graduated from the dental faculty of Donetsk National Medical University named afer M. Gorkyi.
In 2015 completed internship at Bogomolets National Medical University. Received specialization in prosthetic dentistry.


While studying at the University worked as a dental technician. Acquired the skills of a dental surgeon while working in the Department of surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.
Since 2016 works at Klovadent.


2015 г.: “A new complex of handling endodontic procedures”, lecturer: Stanislav Geranin.
2016: conference by Massimo Mazza "Dental Microscopy In Surgical Dentistry."
2016: "Surgical endodontics – conservative approach." Lecturer: Oleg Kulygin.
2016: "Orthodontics of implants." Lecturer: Roman Kutz.
2016: "Implants and bone graftig. Using progressive techniques of bone grafting and working with soft tissues." Lecturer: Nazar Glushko.
2016 - Dental health and age.
2017: Dental Congress in Yaremche.
2017: International Dental exhibition "IDS 2017" in Cologne, Germany.
2017: International dental congress for dentists and dental technicians Labforum.
2016: Full ceramic restorations. Lecturer: Yuri Gundyak.
2017: started education at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry VieSid.
2017: New SKIN. Degital protocoles of rehabilitation. Lecturer: Paulo Kano.
2018 – module C, Basic course, Viesid.
2018 – «Summer school 2018», Viesid.
2019 – IDS 2019, Cologne.
2019 – First International VieSID congress «Interdisciplinary concepts in occlusion medicine».
2019 – Masters. Lab forum.
2020 – Digital protocol in dental practice. 2D and 3D tools (D.Kostyrya).
2020 – 4D dentistry training by dr. Bassam Hassan. Amsterdam.
2020 – «Therapeutic position and the controlled mandibular repositioning (CMR) method», Alain Landry.


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Restorative dentistry

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